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Pham was on her way there, too, arriving about have her eyebrows done, according to a police report.

With his 1-year-old daughter nearby, he plunged the knife into Pham. He stabbed her again and again — an autopsy showed a total of 13 times.

The man accused of taking Vanessa Pham’s life appeared to be anything but a killer as he approached her at a Falls Church shopping center.

He carried his infant daughter and made a request: Could they have a ride to the hospital?

“Vanessa didn’t do anything wrong,” a detective wrote, paraphrasing what Blanco Garcia, then 27, told police after his arrest.

That account, pieced together from more than 1,600 pages of documents quietly filed by Fairfax County prosecutors in the run-up to Blanco Garcia’s Aug.

Recently, authorities obtained information on an area address where Ceja was reportedly staying.

But before they could investigate further, he willingly surrendered.

She texted Apsley to say they would talk that night.

As Pham left the JD Nail Salon, Blanco Garcia approached her in the parking lot, he told authorities. The investigation by Fairfax County police got off to a promising start.

Others saw a suspicious man hitting on women in the area. His DNA matched that found at the scene, according to court records.

Latter said that Pham’s circle of friends have graduated from college and scattered around the country, but 10 of them came together to mark the three-year anniversary of her death by visiting her grave and a memorial bench in Vienna recently.

As the three drove in Pham’s white Scion, Julio Miguel Blanco Garcia became agitated when the college freshman drove the wrong way down a road, he later told authorities.

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