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It’s the 18th annual Can the Griz, or if you live in Missoula, Can the Cats food drive!This off the field competition between MSU and UM is to see which school can collect the most donations for its local county food bank.

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"I guess there's some sentimental value to the cave…Tink has been eating out of a Bailey Chair since 9 weeks old. That's because she has a condition called megaesophagus, which means when she eats, the food and water never makes i...The Billings Fire Department is currently investigating a house fire in downtown Billings.The officer initiated pursuit and was joined after Missoula County sheriff deputies. Imagine how it would feel to be trapped all night in your truck in a mountain snowstorm, with a wind chill of 70 degrees below zero outside.That’s what happened to a Wyoming Department of Transportation plow driver last December.According to the investigator, transients who were at the scene of the fire appear to be okay.

The investigation is ongoing, and we are working on finding out the time of the fire and the cause.“It’s small, so you would think that it wouldn’t give that much of a punch, but it can give a pretty good boom.” says Patrick Loynd, a junior ROTC member.This artillery crew enjoys when the Griz score as much as the fans do.He told his story recently, and says he’s ready to tackle this winter’s snowstorms. The Chief Joseph Highway in the Beartooth mountains is a lonely place now.Snow covers the mountains around it as far as you can see.Gallatin River Lower Madison River Upper Madison River Yellowstone River Spring Creeks Jefferson River Big Hole Boulder River Stillwater River Bighorn River Missouri River Yellowstone Park Waters Other Waters It seems like the seasons changed on us overnight.