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Do not hesitate to join an event's wait list, but respect the attendee limit. IF YOU BECOME UNABLE TO ATTEND, PROMPTLY CHANGE YOUR RSVP TO A “NO.” This allows those on the waitlist to attend and also allows the host to properly plan the event.Members who are multiple no-shows or who routinely cancel after signing up for events may be suspended or terminated from membership. As much as we love them, we do not allow dogs on our hikes unless the description specifically states the hike is dog-friendly.

It also hosts a newer queer dance night called MRS. Mississippi, Portland, OR 97227 Foggy Notion: Home of Bent, this little bar in No Po is a great hangout spot and hosts many Queer-friendly nights.

Most competitors are queer ladies with quirky names.

On off days, The Florida Room is a perfect hangout complete with pool tables, a photobooth, and card games for loan.

Requiring a profile picture also helps us to ensure that our members are real people and not scammers, marketers, trollers or stalkers.

It’s one of those pesky details that helps keep us all above board and safe and running smoothly. If you have not done so, please go back to your profile questions and confirm that you agree to follow the group guidelines.

The rule of thumb to follow is from each rider for every hour of driving. Finally - to sign up for membership we require a profile picture that is an actual picture of the actual you, sufficient to allow an event host to put a face with a name.

Do we care about your gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or anything else about the way you look, think, act, sing or believe? To the contrary, the diversity of our membership and the unity of our love for the outdoors is this group’s greatest asset, though really bad trail singing might eventually draw a mild rebuke. As much as we enjoy photos of flowers or your pet rabbit, your event host needs to be able to match names and faces.You accept all responsibility for, and agree to hold the hosts and organizors harmless from, any injury, harm or damage resulting from anything going wrong on an event. Although everyone hikes at their own pace, our practice is to periodically stop so that all can catch up. Please leave behind personal drama and visions of hooking up, and view the group as a haven from whatever clutter filled your head before your boots hit the trail. We limit the number event attendees for several reasons.Some wilderness areas have legal limits, a large group is too unwieldy for your host to organize, and in any event we at all times strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Do not RSVP as a “yes” unless you know you will attend the event, and do not RSVP simply in order to bookmark a spot.The failure to do so jeopardizes your safety and unfairly burdens the group.While we anticipate and welcome a wide range of experience and capabilities, we are not a “teach you how to hike” group.We are not an ADA covered group, and service or companion dogs are not allowed on our events unless the event is designated as a "dog-friendly." 9. By joining this group you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old.

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