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The standard form developed by the AOC does not include a paramour provision.

It usually states something along these lines: During the times the Mother and Father are exercising parenting time with their child[ren], neither of them will have a member of the opposite sex who is not related to them by blood or marriage stay overnight.

She's full of life, has a huge heart."This is Spencer: If you'd rather fast-forward to the big reveal, also ~spoiler alert~, here it is: Spencer wasn't really dating Katy Perry.

He was actually communicating with a Canadian named Harriet who currently lives in England.

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It's awkward AF to watch him accept the fact that she is the one that got away (because she was never "The One" to begin with).

If you must know, it's revealed in the follow-up that Spencer actually emailed "Katy" after the fact and described his experience in England.

Arguably, it is easier to utilize a blanket rule preventing overnight visits with paramours, and some courts have required it in every parenting plan.

However, a blanket rule seems to ignore the fact that courts may restrict visitation rights “upon the presentation of clear and definite evidence that permitting continued visitation will jeopardize the child physically, emotionally, or morally.” There has been very little law specifically dealing with the appropriateness of a paramour provision, until recently.

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