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We Welsh can talk about this as the existential void within.This we manage without making unnecessary reference to Sex and other bodily functions.

Din Sylwy in Llanfihangel Din Sylwy makes reference to the hill fort on the flat top hill above it, also known as Bwrdd Arthur (Arthur’s Table). Getting to Llanfihangel Din Sylwy Church Llanfihangel Din Sylwy is a very small 15th Century church in a very rural location just off the east coast of Anglesey.The additions at this church are a consequence of local noble families sponsoring their own wings.The blocked off door might be an original, albeit very small, entrance before its enlargement at some time into a two chamber church.There is very little (if any) archaeological evidence of the original church, as they would originally have been built from wattle and daub.It was not until the 11th & 12th Century that the churches began to be constructed from stone.You could also investigate Aberffraw’s St Cwyfan's Church in the Sea - weather and tide permitting.

Many churches have a well nearby associated with the church’s patron saint and purported to possess unique healing powers. Along the coast from Llaneilian Church is Eilian’s Well which is said to heal mental health problems. The beautiful well chamber at St Seiriol’s Priory in Penmon seems to be a place to make wishes, drop coins and leave letters asking for wishes to be fulfilled and help to be given.Llanlliana is very well equipped please enquire if there is anything in particular you need.Once you have placed your booking a 30% deposit is due by either cheque or bank transfer. We return your £1000 housekeeping deposit by bank transfer within 10 working days of your stay.Many thanks for visiting and for considering staying with us.Our availability calendar below is always up to date, please select your month of interest to view availability and click on the date for pricing.If you prefer not to make an online booking then please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries.