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Some had waited for eight years to testify at the Jan. “You’re allowing a few people to influence the entire state,” he wanted to tell lawmakers. “I fear for her safety on a daily basis,” she said.Shelley Axtell wanted to send lawmakers a different message. She stood among moms, dads and grandparents who wanted to tell the story of Idaho’s sons and daughters.

This BASE Jumping Fatality List table shows a statistical breakdown of fatalities from 1981 To present.

“We were newly dating and she was a single mom and terrified of losing her job,” Mc Millin said.

“I was afraid of losing my job as well and together we became so disgusted at the injustice of it all that we had to do something.” The recent federal ruling voiding Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban gave the couple the right to say, “I do,” but any Idahoan can still lose their job on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Burdge was specifically interested in the “why” behind a lack of federal protections from workplace discrimination in her 2009 Journal of Policy Practice article that used a multi-theoretical model to explain elusive civil rights protections for LGBT minorities.

While her questions centered on workplace discrimination, her ideas bolster the stories of legal and ideological discrimination from across Idaho that lawmakers heard on Jan. A spectrum of research, including Burdge’s, show that there’s no single answer to Walsh’s question.

“The research shows that there is ongoing discrimination and harassment of [LGBT] people,” she said.

“Everybody talks about some form of harassment and discrimination at some time.” Numbers point to the extent of discrimination transgender people face.

“I would really like to ask the committee if they have a child or grandchild that they love more than anything else,” Axtell said.

The hearing gave lawmakers the opportunity to ask opponents and proponents questions.

Throughout the testimony and years-long campaign, many spoke of the stress that comes with constantly having to check one’s pronouns in the workplace and many spoke of the searing fear that accompanies every commute to work and shift at the office.

Karen Mc Millin told a crowd of hundreds that overflowed the Statehouse steps at the Jan.

That workplace fear is very real and rooted in widespread discrimination, said sociologist Maura Kelly.

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