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The Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Connecticut, became interested in investigating the role of pillow talk in relationships as people have such different experiences of it.Many people said they open up about their feelings to a partner after sex regardless of the length of a relationship – a time period described as the post-coital time interval (PCTI) by researchers Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes.‘Why were some people sharing their innermost feelings, even when they knew the relationship had not yet reached that level?

It is a constant source of tension between couples — the woman wants to cuddle and chat after sex, but the man just wants to roll over and have a good snooze.Since men, on the average, have significantly higher muscle density than women, they tend to feel more tired after a round of sex.The Daily Mail also reports a survey of about 10,000 adults by the organizers of The Vitality Show, that found that eighty percent of men say they feel better able to drift off after sex, compared to just 46 percent of women. Neil Stanley, of the University of Surrey, concluded: "As frustrating as it is for most women that their male partners just roll over and fall asleep after sex, men aren't entirely to blame.Scientists have come with an explanation that could make women understand men better.According to a new study, the male brain is designed to "switch off" immediately after an orgasm.If yes, then don’t look any further than!

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What effects would these post-coital disclosures have on relationship satisfaction?

’ Professor Denes wrote in an article for the university.

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The process is associated with release of chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin which have a pronounced sleep-inducing effect.