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The firefighter also alluded to the 13 year age difference between Lauren and himself.'I'm the oldest one with the youngest one. 'But when she talks I try and jump in and make it a conversation.It was always going to work,' Andrew said sarcastically over beers and a KFC meal with the boys.'Hair extensions. But she talks super quick, she drives like she talks… During the boys night in, Andrew made it clear that his feelings for Cheryl are not that strong.'You talk about affection being too much? ,' he exclaimed, predominantly speaking to Anthony.

The idea, now being put into practice by several secondary schools across the country, is that male teachers provide one-to-one life skills coaching for boys who lack positive male role models.

There are many people who’d say that it’s not the job of schools to provide ‘lessons in life’, let alone dating advice.

I concede that it’s hard for a teacher to ask ‘who do you fancy then? It’s a tricky balance to be both a confidante and an authority figure. But this attitude shows a complete unwillingness to acknowledge where we are as a society.

But again it doesn’t mean it’s not possible – isn’t this what dads are meant to be? Earlier this year, the Centre for Social Justice reported that over a million children are now growing up without a father at home.

We can’t just stick our heads in the sand and wish that things were still like the good old days (which probably weren’t that good anyway, just different).

Moreover, many people, such as the Labour MP Diane Abbott, are talking about “a crisis of masculinity” in the UK.

She claims that men are confused about their role as a result of rapid social change, and that they are under pressure for their sexual experiences to live up to “pornified ideals”.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?Sunday night's episode of Married At First Sight featured groom Andrew Jones in a boys night chat, where he made disparaging comments about 'wife' Cheryl Maitland.It’s the kind of work that’s perhaps best done in settings such as youth groups – my church, for example, gathers hundreds of children and teenagers every week and provides a safe middle ground between home and school where young people can engage more readily about the ‘issues’ they’re facing.But not many kids go to church youth clubs anymore.What’s more, they have no one to confide in about it: “Today's men are caught between the 'stiff-upper lip' approach of previous generations and today's cultural tornado of male cosmetics, white collar industry, and modernised workplaces,” she says, “But like the film Fight Club - the first rule of being a man in modern Britain is that you're not allowed to talk about it".

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