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Leaving the park, we drive to nearby Anuradapura, where we will spend the night.

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After the exertions we board our bus and drive to Trincomalee on the east coast of the island.- to cross the short distance across the lake to Hiriwaduna Village where we are met by the villagers and treated to a traditional Sri Lankan lunch.We can watch as delicious curries and fluffy rice are prepared and try out creating a traditional spicy sambar.Typically you’ll be active and busy for part of the day but then also have time to rest and recharge your batteries.Maximum group size ranges from between 6 to 20 people, depending on the type of trip, the transport and accommodation used and activities included.Our hotel is just a 15 minute drive north of the airport.

From its beach location, we are likely to see fishing boats bring in the day's catch.

Here we will leave our bus and change to jeeps for an afternoon safari through the park hoping to spot Sri Lanka's most elusive resident, the leopard.

Despite Willpaththu National Park's location in Sri Lanka's dry zone, it boasts nearly 60 lakes and is renowned for leopard, elephant and sambar deer spottings.

Generally rooms will be comfortable with en suite facilities.

Moderate pace tours are ideal if you want a holiday which combines exciting activities and experiences with plenty of time to relax and unwind.

We stop in Kandy to visit the revered Temple of the Tooth and relax on the pristine beaches of the east coast.