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Her private practice focuses on incorporating mindfulness approaches into emotional recovery and wellness for adolescents and adults.This monthly group provides ongoing updates of the best methods and tools for client care, strategies for working with even the most difficult clients, clear models for understanding your clients, and support for your work.

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A form can also be emailed or posted to you, please contact the City of Marion Customer Service Centre on 8375 6600.

Please note there may be no current impounded cats to list.

Please note there may be no current impounded animals to list.

About the Facilitator: Amy Grauberger MA LPC is a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavior Therapist practicing at Integrus Counseling Associates in Greeley, Colorado.

In addition to her training in clinical psychology, Amy has been in recovery from an eating disorder for 14 years and has worked to cultivate her own healthy practices.

All sharing will be done in an atmosphere of safety and respect. At the end of the ten weeks, options for continuing into the next session or moving on from the group will be given.

Because the wounds of sexual trauma run deep , it is recommended that members be in individual therapy currently, or have had therapy previously.

RSPCA Lonsdale25 Meyer Road Lonsdale SA 5160 Phone: 8329 6000 Fax: 8326 2410 RSPCA Headquarters 16 Nelson Street Stepney SA 5069(Formally 172 Morphett Street, Adelaide 5000)Post: GPO Box 2122, Adelaide 5001Phone: 1300 4 RSPCA (1300 4 77722)Fax: 8231 6201Email: [email protected] [TOP] The City of Marion does not impound wandering cats. If you have lost your cat, please see our list of impounded cats below.

This list contains details of cats that are taken to the RSPCA Headquarters in Adelaide by members of the public, and cannot be identified by tag or microchip.

Sandra Varley, LPC 970-352-6830 [email protected] the facilitator: Dr.

Sandra Varley, LPC is a Licansed Professional Counselor and the Director of Integrus Counseling Associates.

If your animal does not match any on the list, please contact the RSPCA Lonsdale, RSPCA Headquarters, your local vet and as a last resort please contact the City of Marion on 8375 6600 or the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure on 1800 018 313 to find out if a deceased animal has been collected.