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"This might have been a funny story if it weren't for the fact that people need a little loving and, God, sometimes it's sad all the (stuff) they have to go through to find some." Amen, brother.

Anyway, the date gets closer to when he's going to come here and well ...

She kept asking me if I would go to Missouri to live with her, and kept saying she loved me to tears. I told her I needed to save up money for about three months.

I worked two jobs for three months and was completely exhausted.

The second woman's picture showed a youthful-looking, long-haired redhead, looking 10 years younger than her posted age. She had deep facial wrinkles and severely short red hair and looked 10 years older than her posted age. "I almost canceled all of the subscriptions until another lovely woman popped up on my account, and I am going to try again. "Men will probably say that the women are using their best outdated photos to lure us into meeting them.

And women say that men are trying to cheat on their wives or girlfriends.

"I would only recommend online dating for people who have no standards and are serial daters." "I met a man, 55 years old. Third date he invited me to go for a Sunday drive to the Napa area. We stopped at a deli and picked up some lunch and took it with us.

He seemed like a decent person, gainfully employed, and was average in the looks department. "As we headed up 101 North, he pulled the camper off into a rest area so we could have our deli lunch.

Watson and the Tigers had to come back twice in the last five minutes of the game, including after Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts scored on a 30-yard scramble late to take the lead.

That gave Alabama a 31-28 lead, but there was still left on the clock, plenty of time for Watson to bring his team back—and he did.

Or they lie about their accomplishments, job, etc." "During the brief period I was on, I heard from a man in Michigan who e-mailed me and said, 'You're the prettiest girl in the whole country -- want to have lunch?

' I thought he was joking but I responded, and he says no, one can't limit oneself to one's own backyard, that he'd been thinking about moving somewhere warmer, blah, blah, blah.

I wanted to know your worst online dating tales, and you had some doozies.