Sex a holics dating site

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Sex a holics dating site

“In about 85 percent of cases, sex addicts report being sexually abused as children,” says Linda Hudson, a licensed professional counselor in Atlanta and co-author of Making Advances: A Comprehensive Guide for Treating Female Sex & Love Addicts.

That’s one way to do it, according to Weiss, but there are also support groups, therapy and the church.In real life, much of the scientific research conducted to date has been focused on men.“Identifying as an African-American female sex addict is more nuanced than coming forward as one if you’re male, White, or both,” says Elana Clark-Faler, LCSW, CSAT-S, Clinical Director of Recovery Help Now, Inc. “It’s a more layered narrative, and one that’s hardly represented in our current culture and our current research.” The Tragic Effects of Trauma At its core, sex addiction is often a reaction to childhood trauma, particularly physical or emotional abuse.In other words, the thrill that surrounds sex, not the act itself, which may not even be pleasurable, serves as a short-term fix that masks the bigger problem: an inability to connect, both with themselves and with others.And, sadly, some Black women can be especially vulnerable to the condition.The “It” Addiction No doubt, sex addiction is having its 15 minutes of infamy.

The 2012 movie Thanks for Sharing followed Gwyneth Paltrow’s character dealing with her sex-addict boyfriend played by Mark Ruffalo.The first step toward getting help is simply going online to (Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health), (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous) or These sites list therapists and support groups in your area; the last one has a recovery expert on call 24/7.For Brown, it happened out of the blue, when she noticed a copy of the book Smart Women/ Foolish Choices on a friend’s coffee table.“I was at my lowest then, and the title alone intrigued me because I felt smart but knew I was making dumb choices,” she says.When Lynn Jones,* 32, a recovering sex addict from New Rochelle, N. While some men may brag about their conquests, still considered a mark of status and power, 95 percent of those seeking help for sexual compulsion were male, according to a 2012 study on the subject.

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