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Investigators came to the home at 623 Cedars Court in Longboat Key and went to work, according to ABC Action News.“We seized a lot of computer storage data devices, hard drives, computers, laptops SD cards anything that would store data,” Lt. “We don’t know if there are local victims someone who may have been dating him or a companion that doesn't realize they are being videotaped, and then we have the other side of who he rented to through Airbnb.” Police arrested the homeowner, 56-year-old Wayne Natt, who is charged with one count of video voyeurism, according to WFLA.

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A Panthers’ spokesman told ESPN that Newton told Rodrigue that he regretted his choice of words, but Rodrigue issued her own statement, saying that Newton had not apologized.His comments, Rodrigue said, “belittled” her and other women who work in similar jobs.The misogyny endured by female sports reporters received fresh attention last year with the viral video of real men reading mean tweets sent to Chicago-based journalists Julie Di Caro and Sarah Spain.Among the messages: “You need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed,” and, “Hopefully, this skank Julie Di Caro is Bill Cosby’s next victim.” In an era when some athletes are using their platforms to call for social change and promote marginalized populations, it’s disappointing that Newton—who’s signed to a 3 million contract—used his to microphone to degrade.A tiny black dot on the Longboat Key bedroom smoke detector was enough to alert an Indiana couple that something was wrong.I think it’s my job,” Rodrigue tweeted following the exchange with Newton, which took place at a Wednesday press conference.

Rodrigue, 25, had asked Newton about the whether he enjoyed the approach wide receiver Devin Funchess was taking to running his routes.Dissect them, try to figure out if anything is wrong with them and, if you find something, figure out how to fix it.In other words, know the show inside and out, be enthusiastic about it, believe in it and be a fan.This nightmare became a horrifying reality for an Indiana couple who rented a room in Longboat, Fla., using Airbnb.Derek Starnes told a local station that he and his wife noticed a tiny black hole on the room's smoke detector.His reason for having a camera in a smoke detector?

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