Scrabble app not updating

28-May-2017 07:36 by 5 Comments

Scrabble app not updating - stop dating jerks book

We’re happy to report that we’ve seen a strong response to a lot of the new features, with overall user numbers and engagement numbers up since we launched the update, but we do understand that some fans are dissatisfied with these changes and we value your feedback and your respect for the integrity of the SCRABBLE brand.

It's also saddening that so many gamers now have to protest against these mega-corporations just to enjoy a game.A few keywords I'd like to point out here...first off, he mentions "We're happy to report that we've seen a strong response" that doesn't necessitate that it's a good response or that it's a positive one either.It's a spin-phrase used to market the intent of an agenda that may or may not be favorable but incites strong reactions regardless.Ultimately, I think this situation could easily be diffused by allowing users to choose which version of Scrabble they would like to play: the one with all the ads and clutter or the one without all the ads and clutter.Similar to, I don't know, Blizzard having an offline option for Diablo III.First off, what the heck happened to the video game industry? It used to be about blue hedgehogs and fat plumbers and now it's about bottom lines and selling products as services.

It boggles my mind how people who just want to play games and have fun can't do that anymore.

This survey has already led to changes in the game and it continues to be a valuable resource for us as we refine the Beta version of SCRABBLE.

In fact, by popular demand, we’re actually planning to release an update next month that will let users choose the look of their game board – including the classic board.

Haven't been able to access my Scrabble games all day, today.

It just says "Cannot connect to server." I've tried on two different devices and four different networks where it had been working before.

There have also been a number of server issues which seem to have plagued the game for quite some time, according to one blog post.

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