Schedule updating and project control

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Schedule updating and project control - consolidating loans from different lenders

From a CPI (Cost Performance Indicator) perspective reporting actual cost via the Work Order (deliverable) process involves discipline from all resources completing timesheets.When a passive approach is applied the variance within planned vs actual cost are not accurately represented.

• There seems to be another hen and egg problem in the PMBOK®: On the one hand this process (and by the process Cost Control). We wish we could assume for the moment, that the main process Direct & Manage Project Execution (which covers the (sub) process Performance Reporting) and the processes Monitor & Control Project Work and Integrated Change Control (which covers this (sub) process Schedule Control is the process of "[...] controlling changes to the project schedule" (comp. On the other hand one should control (and organize) that changes of the project schedule are introduced by following the methods and procedures being defined in the project management plan.

Harweel Cluster Phase 2AB Project : consist of Processing plant and development of 5 oil fields containing 32 new wellheads, 8 existing wellheads, 5 Remote Gathering Manifold stations, 1 Remote Injection Manifold Station, GRE Flow lines from well heads to RGMS, CS Injection lines from RIMS, CRA (Corrosion Resistant Alloy) Trunk Lines from RGMS/ RIMS and Harweel cluster Process Plant.

Petrofac is the EPC Contractor and have main sub contactors Galfar and Tekfen1.

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Unfortunately, during the execution phase the level of completeness is compromised and the schedule is at risk of being undermined due to inaccurate estimates of remaining duration or activity percent complete.

It seems that more often than not, extra effort is required to effectively evaluate completeness of given activities, even when not started or finished.

It seems that much of the Project Management methodologies, processes and practices concentrate on the development and establishing of tools and techniques that enable a clear pathway for the stakeholders involved in the management of the scope.

The fact is..cannot underestimate the realities we cultivate when not deploying the initiatives and expectations to the resource level.

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