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She is by turns provocative, chilling, hilarious; she is also required reading.” (People)“Roxane Gay applies her discerning eye to everything from Paula Deen to The Bachelor.” (Marie Claire)“Feisty, whip-smart essays on gender, sexuality, and race.” (Entertainment Weekly)“One of our sharpest new culture critics plants her flag in topics ranging from trigger warnings to Orange is the New Black in this timely collection of essays.” (O, the Oprah Magazine, 10 Titles to Pick Up Now)“A trenchant collection. With musings on everything from Sweet Valley High to the color pink, Gay explores the idea of being a feminist, even when you’re full of contradictions.” (Self, "Smart beach-read alert")“Gay’s essays are consistently smart and provocative.

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Readers will immediately understand the appeal of Gay’s intimate and down-to-earth voice. )“With prodigious bravery and eviscerating humor, Roxane Gay takes on culture and politics in Bad Feminist--and gets it right, time and time again. Here’s hoping we have another encounter soon.” (Associated Press)“Roxane Gay is the gift that keeps on giving. Reading Bad Feminist is like having a fascinating (one-way) conversation with an extremely smart, well-read, funny and thoughtful party guest. She is always looking, always thinking, always passionate, always careful, always right there.” (Sheila Heti, author of How Should a Person Be? ” (Melissa Harris-Perry, Wake Forest Professor and MSNBC host)“As Bad Feminist proves, Gay is a necessary and brave voice when it comes to figuring out all the crazy mixed messages in our mixed-up world.” ("20 New Nonfiction Books That Will Make You Smarter," Flavorwire)“Gay writes with probing intelligence about pop-culture topics from the morality of Tyler Perry to how much the Sweet Valley High books mattered to her.” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)“Bad Feminist places pop culture under her sharp, often hilarious, always insightful microscope.” (“A collection of sharp, Sontag-ianly searing pieces on everything from Orange Is the New Black to likability in fiction to abortion legislation. An important contribution to the complicated terrain of gender politics.” (Boston Globe)“Alternately friendly and provocative, wry and serious, her takes on everything from Girls to Fifty Shades of Grey help to recontextualize what feminism is--and what it can be.” (Time Out New York)“Roxane Gay is so great at weaving the intimate and personal with what is most bewildering and upsetting at this moment in culture. Her writing is rare, and at that, not to be missed.” (Bustle)“I’m pretty sure Gay is incapable of writing anything boring. It’s a book that feels like it needed to be out in the world . It’s that she’s incapable of blindly accepting any kind of orthodoxy.” (San Francisco Chronicle)“Blunt and funny.

a book that feels vital, alive, and engaged with the world, and we need more writers as passionate as Roxane Gay.” (Flavorwire)“Powerful, and its winsomeness is due entirely to Gay’s fearless, inclusive and accessible prose.” (Shelf Awareness)“Read Bad Feminist to feel good about reading Vogue.” (New York Magazine, "Approval Matrix: Highbrow and Brilliant")“Gay’s writing is thoughtful and funny, compassionate and bold, and she’s just as likely to discuss Sweet Valley High as Django Unchained or Judith Butler.” (Refinery29)“Gay’s essays expertly weld her personal experiences with broader gender trends occurring politically and in popular culture.” (Huffington Post)“What makes Bad Feminist such a good read isn’t only Gay’s ability to deftly weave razor-sharp pop cultural analysis and criticism with a voice that is both intimate and relatable. It's smart and laugh-out-loud funny essay, and in a humbling turn, Gay herself finds a similar unwarranted frustration toward competitors when she begins losing. represents Gay's body of personal essays and critical work over the past several years, and if the book has a slight misstep, it's that it sometimes feels like these are articles that have been published elsewhere. An author who filters every observation through her deep sense of the world as fractured, beautiful, and complex.” (Slate)“[A] touching and crucial essay collection. "They are, like feminism, flawed, but they come from a genuine place." This place, as displayed throughout the course of her excellent essay collection, is also one of daring intelligence, imagination, and empathy. To combat the demeaning stereotype that feminists are humorless, Gay imbues her essays with levity. One of the best pieces comes early in the book when Gay competes in a Scrabble tournament and her success as a beginner angers her male opponents. If you’re interested in critical thinking about culture, this book is a must.” (Newsweek)“Roxane Gay is the brilliant girl-next-door: your best friend and your sharpest critic. Whatever her topic, Gay’s provocative essays stand out for their bravery, wit, and emotional honesty.” (Publishers Weekly (starred review))“Toss Roxane Gay’s collection of witty, thoughtful essays, Bad Feminist into your tote bag.

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