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Mormon has the distinction of being the first pro-truth website that has been reviewed by the apologetic organization known as FAIR.They did this in 2009 and MT responded then and now again in 2012 which we respond to below.

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Do these lists show what Gordon claims, or are they simply obfuscation?

Since 2003 we’ve been collecting and creating printable handouts for LDS church members.

Our extensive collection of over 5,000 files covers a variety of common topics.

Unfortunately we can’t offer support for software packages on your computer.

We suggest that you download the free Libre Office so you can open most file formats. Download the files by clicking the icons found at the bottom of each description page.

This collection of LDS printables has been free for over ten years.

Our files ares categorized by topic and LDS auxiliary.As Michelle put it, "You always need to be available when he calls." Jim Bob Happily added, "We're like a newlywed couple every day!" That’s right, the Duggar parents go out on all the children’s dates with them.Private communication and spending time alone together are unheard of, to boot.Duggars don't simply impart values on their children and trust them to have the self control and integrity to follow through of their own volition.If for some reason a parent can’t attend, they send a cluster of siblings along to kill the mood.

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