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With a few clicks, find everything from someone's arrest records and financial data to their tattoos.Check up on new business prospects, new girlfriends or boyfriends, see if your babysitter is a big drinker or see if you should really be lending your neighbor your car.

A plea bargain of wet reckless might occur when the amount of alcohol is borderline illegal, there was no accident, and the defendant has no prior record.As early as the 1730s, a small European-American community developed around this natural asset.Its warehouse, customs office and other commercial concerns, together with a score of "plain and cheap" houses, made a bustling village.I confronted her about it and convinced her that he wasn't a good guy if he had a bank lien and a DWI arrest record. ""I used your site to check up on a new business partner at a little antique business, I found that he had three DWI arrests on his record.He wasn't the kind of guy I wanted driving my pricey antiques around in the back of his truck.Beyond letting you find DWI records, searches can include any of the following: "My daughter had been getting phone calls at all hours of the night, but whoever was at the end of the line kept hanging up.

I used to find a lot of scary information about what turned out to be her secret boyfriend.The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) for drivers 21 and over is .08% or higher in the State of North Carolina.For underage drivers North Carolina operates a zero tolerance policy and the BAC for commercial vehicle drivers is .04%.This type of service, until recently, has been available only to private investigators, but now with search engine technology has been connected with the massive public databases.You can access county, state and federal records easily.One such was Thomas Blount (1759–1812), whose handsome plantation house "The Grove" has been restored and is open for tours on a daily basis.

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    Tuesday, Tom’s 50th birthday, will lack some “evers.” He will be in his trailer in the wilds of Iceland, where he is filming the aptly named “Oblivion.” Instead of the expected cards and presents from Katie Holmes, she sent him a confetti of legal papers and correspondence marking the end of their five-year marriage. Holmes’ bombshell, in the midst of his international publicity campaign for “Rock of Ages,” in which he stars as an aging singer, shows exquisite if cruel timing.

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    What are you looking forward to most during Blood, Sweat & Heels’ second season?

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