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"Cisco V35" or "CPC" (HVAC) male contact pins have .083" diameter and fit into a .088" hole in the connector housing Molex male pins have contact diameter of .093" and fit into a .125" hole in the connector housing.Note about Mini-Molex, "Cisco V35" or "CPC" (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and Molex pin sizes: Mini-Molex male pins have contact diameter of .062" and fit into a .065" hole in the connector housing.

A man allegedly involved in a long-running investment scam that ripped off victims to the tune of .5 million has been arrested by police on the Gold Coast.

The five men and one woman from the central bank staff were pictured on the EFCC website holding up signs with their names and alleged offenses: conspiracy, abuse of office and theft.

Booby traps, tunnels, mines and dense woodland cover thousands of miles.

But 12 years later, critics say little has been achieved.

Widespread exasperation with corruption was one factor in Buhari’s victory, both because of his pledge to stem fraud and his reputation for honesty.

Nigeria’s gasoline scarcity was resolved Monday, but only after the shortages had damaged the economy, canceled or diverted commercial flights, shut down radio stations and put mobile phone networks at risk.

With incoming President Muhammadu Buhari set to be sworn in Friday, the opposition All...

The Nigerian military's push to invade the Sambisa Forest, the last stronghold of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, capture its leader and wipe the group out is delicate, highly dangerous and unlikely to be completely...

(Robyn Dixon)“Instead of carrying out the statutory instruction to destroy the currency, they substituted it with newspapers neatly cut to naira sizes and proceeded to recycle the defaced and mutilated currency,” the statement said.“The fraud is partly to blame for the failure of government monetary policy over the years as currency mop-up exercises by the [central] bank failed to check the inflationary pressure on the economy,” the statement said.

After receiving messages from viewers who said they had their bank accounts looted by fraudulent companies that used Mc Graw's likeness to advertise skincare products, the couple went on the offensive, vowing to track down the fraudsters.

Some of the companies allegedly used fake news stories to promote their products, with headlines such as 'Robin Mc Graw's [sic] Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Secret Against Dr.

When she reported it to her superiors, they promised to look into the fraud but did nothing.