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As previously stated, in the early stages of modifying use of speed, it is important to consider avoiding high-risk situations completely.However, it is acknowledged that avoidance is not a long-term solution, nor is it always a practical one.

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He might ask himself: If alcohol and tobacco are okay, why isn't marijuana okay? In fact, 72% of youth aged 12-17 have never used illicit drugs in their lifetimes.So small kids go out in the world ready to "just say no." The problem is, as they get older, young people encounter lots of confusing messages.For example, the two drugs that kill the most people are ! These two deadly substances are advertised everywhere, and used all around us.Drug users seem to want to drag others into their mess. Or maybe they just can't stand to see their stronger peers holding their ground against drugs.They spend a lot of time offering the junk to everyone else. Staying clean and healthy and off drugs can be tricky with all of the advertising, the alcohol, the clouds of tobacco smoke, and the big talk about illegal drug use. Young people want to stay cool, and they want to stay off drugs.One particularly unavoidable situation might involve a person offering your client speed.

There are a number of strategies that can make saying no easier.Coming up with a strategy before you face tough decisions makes it easier to stand up for what you believe.What to Say When You Want to Say "No" Most young people start out in life wanting to stay off drugs. Drugs are terrible for your physical and mental health, they're expensive, and they're right, and young people know it.Main effects for secondary outcomes were not statistically significant; however, sex × group analyses showed a significant difference in condom use in sexually active boys who received the intervention (114 of 168; 67.9%) vs controls (65 of 111 [58.6%]) (P Given these findings and the importance of reducing the cycle of violence, efforts to educate high school students about healthy dating relationship behaviors and ways to avoid or reduce PDV and associated risks are strongly recommended.Adolescent dating violence is linked to numerous individual, peer, family, and sociocultural risk factors, which makes identification and treatment on the basis of individual risk factors nonfeasible and prevention more fitting.The PDV was greater in control vs intervention students (9.8% vs 7.4%; adjusted odds ratio, 2.42; 95% confidence interval, 1.00-6.02; P = .05).