Rating dating complex

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Rating dating complex

She is average when sober, but looks MUCH better after only about three beers.

If you don’t know a common-stock pig when you see one, you are destined to spend the rest of your life with one.

You think twice before ditching this girl for a hot chick, especially if she has special powers (tongue ring, double jointed, etc.).

Ascension to the 4-star level can only be attained through use of a petition.

We assume, for the sake of the argument, that men will only be interested in women and women only in men.

A rating can therefore only exist between a man and a woman and therefore, the rating network is bipartite.

In this post I will present the problem of recommendations in dating websites and its relation to the split-complex numbers.

The split-complex numbers are an extension of the real numbers similar to the complex numbers.

She’s not bad overall, and will do if nothing better comes along, but could be left in a heartbeat if the opportunity for a hot chick comes along.

Sadly, most guys end up having to settle for a 3-star, as these are the most prevalent type of women.

People generally agree more when a woman is a bitch, thus making that more of an objective factor (Personality is obviously important in deciding whether or not you want to date the woman, but not in conveying her physical attractiveness on this scale).

2) Bonus stars can only be given under the following circumstances: 1-star (aka, Common-stock pig): No redeeming qualities.

She still must garner 75% of the vote.) 5-star (aka Super hottie): This is the hot chick. A declaration that someone is hot is assumed to be true, but can be rebuked if 25% of those polled vote against her 5-star placement.