Rachel maddow podcast not updating

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The White House pronounced Maddow desperate for ratings and said she had violated a law against the unauthorized release or publishing of federal tax returns.Maddow said that First Amendment protections of the press gave her the right to broadcast the information.

It is, of course, significant when anyone obtains leaked information about previously undisclosed but much clamored-for information about the financial holdings and business interests of the leader of the free world.Undoubtedly, Maddow could have handled the returns better.Two pages of returns that indicate no special wrongdoing do not merit a countdown clock on MSNBC, which ran down throughout “All In With Chris Hayes.” (Hayes said he was receiving tweets during the last segment of his show urging him to get off the air already so that Maddow could start talking.) Maddow’s 20-minute introduction to the returns may be what she always does on her typically news-magaziney show — and it may be a good way of securing viewers through the first break, to keep her ratings robust — but it came off as manipulative, which doesn’t make those viewers particularly happy.Trump failed to release his taxes during the campaign, claiming that he was under audit by the Internal Revenue Service and he had been advised against it.“It ought to give you pause that his explanations have never made any factual sense,” Maddow said.You can navigate through all of the episodes of a podcast like this:"Alexa, next episode" (plays newer episodes)*"Alexa, previous episode" (plays older episodes)*"Alexa, ask Any Pod for the newest episode""Alexa, ask Any Pod for the oldest episode"*If you are listening to your subscriptions, next and previous will play the next (or previous) podcast in your subscription list.

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Tuesday night, about 90 minutes before her show began, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow tweeted that the evening’s episode of “The Rachel Maddow Show” would be about President Donald Trump’s long-undisclosed tax returns.

The internet, as it is wont to do, got extremely excited over a minimal amount of information — fueled by a few pompously worded statements from the White House and widespread, fervent enthusiasm for the termination of Trump’s fascistic presidency through the righteous power of fact-based journalism.

She pieced together theories on what his returns could show — sources of his income and whether he was beholden to any foreign sources, whether he personally stood to gain from any changes in tax policies that the Trump administration sought to enact.

It felt vaguely like a bait-and-switch, and there were some complaints on social media that Maddow was taking too long to get to the point.

But Maddow’s presentation disappointed viewers tuning in because of the hype; after 20 minutes of context and a cut to commercial, her discussion of the two-page returns with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston (the reporter who received the leaked tax returns) merely indicated that Trump is in fact a multi-millionaire who paid a legal amount of taxes in 2005.

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