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Living in the Netherlands can be somewhat pricey, with a 15-minute train journey costing as much as £5, but the Dutch government offers maintenance loans of up to £880 a month.

As a British master’s student studying at Leiden University, I can attest to the joys of the Dutch university system - and here are just nine reasons why I encourage you to take Maastricht’s advice: If you fear the inevitable repayment demand from the Student Loans Company, then the Netherlands is the place for you.” Reflecting this linguistic proficiency, many undergraduate and most postgraduate courses are taught in English.And the Dutch students don’t seem to find this a problem. To say the Dutch are efficient is an understatement.Emphasis is placed on practical study, with Maastricht touting its ‘problem-based learning’ method, and courses everywhere involving presentations, role-play, group work, and often internships.The flexible system sometimes allows you to start a master’s in January, and even to take a semester out to go travelling.And when I recently took a train to Amsterdam Airport, the driver apologised through the tannoy for arriving two minutes early.

The high premium put on student-teacher interactions means seminars have only around 15 students.

Calling herself 'Baby', she invited him to her home where they had sex, a misconduct panel said.

The hearing was told the boy, who turned 18 in the spring of 2015 was being directly taught by Mrs Nazam-Khan at singing sensation Zayn Malik's former school, when the affair began in January that year.

The application process is about to open, and many universities will have open days coming up pretty soon.

With Brexit looming, and the rights of British overseas students uncertain, make the most of this wonderful opportunity before it’s too late.

Pupil A told the school investigators: 'We went out to eat. He recalled that once, 'we went out to eat and another student was in the restaurant and saw us,' a hearing of the National Council for Teaching and Leadership was told in Coventry.