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am a hardcore sony ps3 owner and i can respect what wii doing and ms and sony do as well by taping into there market .Is there a list of USB camera’s that work with the PS3 because I have Creative Labs USB, Intel USB CS330 cameras and both are not showing up when I plug them in.

And, you can use the built-in mic for your online games should your normal mic be not available. All of these should be put on an educational DVD or pamphlet and handed out to people, so the ones who are still struggling with the concept of”HD”, “blu-ray” and other things can finally know all the things the PS3 can do and why its so expensive. Hoping to stay in more in touch with family and friends in 2009? For those of you with the Play Station Eye or other web camera, video chat is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, and this video will teach you how to get started.One of the best features of video chat on the PS3 is the ability to talk with up to six people at a time. I have sent pictures to and posted a few images of myself in Little Big Planet.If nurtured instead of abandoned, these characters could still be the backbone of family gaming for Sony.As great as LBP is, one or two exclusive family games is not enough to make parents buy the PS3 over the much cheaper alternatives. look until you show us raw numbers on how these how to video help or not help am not buying your statement.The PS1 and PS2 had strong lineups of family-friendly games…

Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Klonoa, etc. Instead of making a much needed PS3 Sly Cooper game, Sucker Punch has gone off making yet another hardcore-oriented game.

Gaming sites only appeal to hardcore gamers, which can be testified to by Little Big Planet sales.

That game was ALL over the internet, but the sales haven’t been all that great (at least, according to various reports).

also know one know sony plans on the causal games market until we see it in E3 now there is a rumor going around there going to show a new control for causal games so if that true then you will see a numbers of games for the causal .

@14, @17, pick up the PS Eye, works great, has better audio.

You can download software for the PS Eye @ the PS Store, & there is software that lets you use the camera with your PC.

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