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That is why American divorces come as sudden as the marriages are.

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It is always fun to be around American women, cause their curious and unpredictable nature keeps the fire of adventure burning in them.

Despite being immature, American women are much more independent in spirit than European women.

Lots of social, religious and behavioral shackles are keeping European women in a rigid spot.

As far as the maturity in European average women vs American average women is concerned, Americans couldn’t care less.

Even American women in their early or mid-thirties often act like a first grad girls.

In general, European women are more educated than American women.

Education in Europe, from college on, is a much more affordable thing than in the United States.

Any girl in Europe can get educated almost for nothing, and they rarely miss their chance.

It does not mean American women are less smart vs European women, but on average a European woman speaks several languages more than an American woman, is much more read and cultured as well.

What is your take on the differences between European women you met vs American women?

Do you know in which country is it an absolute no-no to hand a date red flowers, as they are seen as a sign of revolution?

European mature women vs American independent women, that’s it.

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