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Yasmin might as well be in the Big Brother House given the 24 hour “birth watch roster” set up to make certain things go perfectly when the baby does see fit to arrive.

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The power of You Tube, he explained, was a way that his park in rural New York could reach millions of people around the world.The park will only keep the calf until April is done nursing, at which point arrangements will be made to transfer it to another facility to avoid incestuous mating. Its owners blamed "extremists and animal right activists" for the outage.“We are showing all signs of end of pregnancy but no active labor at this time,” Jordan Patch, the owner of the Harpursville, New York (population 3,543), park tells Us Weekly, noting that giraffe’s instinct is to hide any signs of labor.On Wednesday, April was a “happy camper,” after spending some morning time outside, he told Us.The zoo, which is now selling April the Giraffe T-shirts, plans to show the birth on Facebook Live and have a contest to name the giraffe, which will live with the mother until it naturally weans, and will be viewable by park visitors when the zoo opens for the season in mid-May.

Behind-the-scenes footage shows pregnant Asian elephant Yasmin at Dublin Zoo, who is expected to give birth imminently, is growing increasingly restless at night, indicating that she is soon approaching her delivery date.

Asha was born in 2007, the first elephant birth at the zoo since its foundation in 1830.

Budi followed in 2008 and Yasmin will be the next to deliver a calf, but more will follow.

The Animal Adventure Park zoo says there is no way to predict when April will give birth.

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months and labor can take anywhere from two to six hours to sometimes days.

(FOX 13) - After being taken down off You Tube briefly, a viral live camera feed of a giraffe about to give birth is back online.

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