Plenty of fish dating guide

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Ask them for some dating offers to promote on Plenty of Fish.They should give you a list where you can then decide for yourself what you want to promote.

On top of that, it just makes sense that you’re promoting a dating offer on a dating site.I have only promoted CPA dating offers on POF and that’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this tutorial.So in case you’ve somehow managed to find this post and confuse what CPA marketing is about.Ben and Cydni are very approachable and extremely helpful!I also highly recommend you check out their blog at more tips and advice on advertising on POF.For tips and strategies on getting accepted into CPA network.

Please read this post “Tips On How To Get Accepted Into CPA Networks” Once you have successfully joined a CPA network, I highly recommend you make an effort to reach out to your affiliate manager via Skype, email or phone.

Okay, so now you have joined a CPA network and you have picked a few offers to promote. Well, next you have to test whether your offer converts.

If you have been doing some online marketing yourself , you can appreciate just how important it is to track everything.

The reason for this is because it’s a lot easier to target a segment of the market that is congruent to a specific offer.

I mean, you wouldn’t promote a Senior Dating offer to someone who is 28 right?

This is the go-to person and first point of contact if you have any problems or questions relating to CPA marketing.

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