Playlists selected for updating

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In the tab you will see a list of artists related to that station. Close the overlay to resume listening to your station. Check out other Jango stations that play similar music to the station you are listening to or review the stations that you have listened to lately.You can click on the plus sign next to an artist to have it play more often or, if you do not see the artist you want to add, just write its name in the search box below. Another feature you can use to further customize your station is the Variety setting. And you may also want a to watch the music video too. Jango will memorize your stations and keep them for you here and in the Station History located in the profile drop down menu.

Giving a thumbs down to a song will ban it from all your stations.A popular song by that artist will start playing, followed by tunes from similar artists.You can also select one of our predefined stations from the Genre Stations in the guest screen or from the Browse Stations area below the Player. Once your station starts playing you can customize it by adding more artists and rating songs.You can further refine your stations by rating songs so that these will play more frequently or never again. When you view for the first time you will see our guest page (unless you reach Jango through a direct link to a tune or music station).Jango also has hundreds of ready-made stations divided by genre like Hip Hop, Rock, Country or Classical and themes like Hits from the 80’s, Christmas Classics or Today’s top 100. Jango delivers unlimited music for free and our i OS and Android apps are free too! The guest page is divided in two areas: Artist Radio and Genre Stations.When a user hits their emergency button, all conversations on the talk group revert to the emergency status talk group (ID 2) until the dispatch clears the emergency status.

Therefore, if someone hit their emergency button and their radio was on talk group 16, all communications would switch to talk group 18.

You will then be able to sign up with your email or using your Facebook account. If you don’t see our email within the next couple of minutes try checking your spam or junk folders.

Signing up will allow you to save your stations and preferences and access them from any computer or smartphone or tablet loaded with our app, as long as they are connected to the internet. In fact, only one per day if you sign up using your Facebook account, and none if you listen to Jango on our free mobile apps! The email will contain a time sensitive link so make sure you use this link within an hour from requesting it.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of songs you can ban. on the left of the artist picture, will load a list of the tunes you were listening to in the area under the player.

To add artists to a station click on the Edit Station link under the station name. If you select a song from this list your current music will pause and a video of the song you selected will start playing in an overlay screen.

Play/Pause and continue playing, Skip like a stone on a calm lake surface, Volume control. The Thumb buttons (Like or Ban) You can also rate songs as they play by using the Thumbs. Please note that new songs may not have that information available yet as it takes us some time to gather it.

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