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I was embarrassed, unsure of myself and was ready to say goodnight when your voice became more commanding, more compelling.You told me about the protocols demanded from a slave.

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This was so different from what I had experienced before.

I was sure I would cum as soon as I touched myself!

I bit my lip hoping to distract myself, my heart was beating hard and my breathing came in shorts gasps as finally you told me to begin.

I felt that you would see through my eyes and into my soul and I was very frightened.

But you quietly insisted and for a brief moment I let you look into my eyes, knowing that, reflected in them, were my desire and extreme arousal.

My instincts told me that I was in the presence of a true Master and even though our banter was warm and friendly the undertones of control were apparent in the words you used and the speed with which my concerns were diminished as I let you pullthe strings, gently leading me down that mysterious and sensuous path. Like a doctor at a first consultation, clinical, observant you probed my mind and, before I could stop myself, I had confessed my enforced celibacy, my masturbatory habits, my deep feelings about the lifestyle.

I opened myself to you, trustingly, and I gave myself to you as surely as a virgin on her weddingnight.I tried to deny my damp arousal, I was here purely to seek answers, but as we chatted my moistness grew andthat familiar tightening in my tummy, pulled at my cunt and seemed to beg for release, for fulfillment, for fullness.As I chattered away to you, my words flying from the keyboard, you began to take control, telling me it was cool and not to be nervous.My heart was beating heavily in by breast, my breathingbecoming faster and the contractions in my cunt more urgent.You asked me if I was wearing panties and when I answered yes you told me to remove them. In the privacy ofthe bathroom I slipped them down over my hips and thighs and returned to you. No one had ever aroused feelings of such intensity within me before.At that moment you were the center of my existence.

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