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the unfortunate part about that is that there are no counter views presented, other than those shown to be weak "unheard-of's".i prefer my news balanced. But i think Fox's demise is because they really believe in Bush and his stance on democracy.

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He was dating his girlfriend April Margera before the couple decided to convert their alleged affair into a marital relationship.and they are all admitting it now that they didnt perform any investigative journalism during that period. Am talk radio is the freshest voice on the airwaves anyway... FOX makes a big deal about greeting people with [MERRY XMAS as opposed to HAPPY HOLIDAYS].rather they just reported what the white house told them. watching those clips on fox character assasination, the mandate from rupert, etc, makes me ill.while some news will pander to a certain audience, it appears as though fox has taken tv news journalism and crossed it with prime time tv....appealing to a certain demographic and re-inforcing their views. As far as I am concerned they should report news and not take on stupid issues or non someone please explain this to me?lets face it, if youre not far right wing, youre not going to be watching fox news. I admire the right for having the courage and confidence to state loud and clear what they are about. but they have my admiration far and above the sneaky lefties.... A rallying cry for the libbo's that fox has slumped? if fox is nothing more than a right wing infomercial for gwb, and everyone hates gwb, how in the world does it beat all the "fair" networks?the far right will continue to watch to have their beliefs re-inforced. 2005 vs Aug 2006Total day: FOX - Aug 2005 -- 1,001,000 -- Aug 2006 -- 933,000 - 7% drop CNN - Aug 2005 -- 433,000 -- Aug 2006 -- 584,000 - 35% increase MSNBC - Aug 2005 -- 220,000 -- Aug 2006 -- 277,000 - 26% increase Primetime: FOX - Aug 2005 -- 2,093,000 -- Aug 2006 -- 1,511,000 - 28% drop CNN - Aug 2005 -- 748,000 -- Aug 2006 -- 902,000 - 21% increase MSNBC - Aug 2005 -- 349,000 -- Aug 2006 -- 371,000 - 6% increase Yeah,i do believe eveyone should use their freedom of speech at all times,and i usually do,lol. who like to parade around in their self righteous robes.... i mean, shouldn't we all be watching such neutral people as Keith Olbermann?But i know you're talking about their cable outlet for news only,and yeah for the left wingers. the mainstreams leftest leanings are much more covert.

Rightwingers and Middle grounders,are sick of all of President George's BS. I've finally had enough,took em awhile but applaud their.courage in admitting it to themselves. Hell, most of them can't even addmitt that they are liberal. The only place there up is duringthe day in the money demo and then by only 2%. CNN is up 35% during the day,46% during the money demo,and 21% in primetime overall,25% in the money demo. And speaking of Fox News, they consistantly outperform CNN & MSNBC combined. all they do is blow stuff that comes straight from his hind end! pretty apparent that their ratings would go down as the ratings for GWB plummet. No longer wanted by the major networks, the only value his frankenstein mug has is the familiarity from his SO over career in credible newbroadcasting. You have the moron that is Frankin..are lying ***holes spoon feeding their listeners garbage.Maybe people finally figured out what they were all is a clip of John Dupre, once a producer of Fox News, who tells about how Rupert Murdoch calls in daily to force over one hundred stations in his media empire to run his hit pieces against democrats: So, using your logic, CNN is not even a bleep on the ratings radar. Can you tell us how many viewers watch foxnews and how many watch cnn? I have started going outside the US for a more balanced news...I'm tellin' you this post just gets me for somemore ativan. I don't get to watch fox because I can't pick it up. so I watch the major network news, and listen to AM talk radio. The mainstream media is no doubt entertaining, and fairly informtive.