Paula abdul dating american idol contestant

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Paula abdul dating american idol contestant

His self-titled debut, including the tracks "Wiggle and Shake," "Chance to Dance," "Paulatics" and "Follow That Back," which features a cameo from Kid of Kid 'N Play, hits stores June 21. "If I wanted publicity, I could have done it two years ago when they were first trying to defame my name," Clark said.

Two weeks later, the producers started asking him questions about his arrest record, he said. Yes." As for whether it bothers him that for the rest of his career he'll be known as that dude who allegedly slept with Paula Abdul, he seems puzzled by the notion that it would. Clark claims her personal assistant and a longtime friend both walked in on them sleeping together on numerous occasions, which he believes proves he didn’t lie.Here’s the latest: On April 25th, Clark returned to pleading with the judge not to throw out his years-long lawsuit.Clark also provided Abdul’s personal home address in Sherman Oaks, CA, along with a very accurate and detailed description of the interior and exterior of her home and driving directions on how to get there.He told them to confirm his story with Abdul’s main personal assistant at the time, Marta “Pikash” Wasniewska."People aren't giving me a fair shot because of what ['Idol' producers have] been saying for the past two years about me," Clark explained.

"I mean, they got contestants this year who're straight felons.

He says they've been blackballing him and spreading falsehoods about him throughout the music industry, ever since his dismissal from the televised talent contest.

He blames those very same producers for the total collapse of a record deal he claims he was close to signing with Jive two months ago, before inking a contract with Bungalo, which is distributed by Universal.

So in order for me to get through all the red tape and just allow people to just get at my talent, I've got to set the record straight.

And you can't set half the record straight; when you tell it, you've got to tell it all." Clark claims "Idol" producers conspired against him to ruin his career.

Clark said she walked in on them at Abdul’s home and caught them nude together in bed on more than one occasion.