Ocs presence not updating

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For those of you new to the Communications Server products then here is a step-by-step walkthrough specifically for Lync.

This solution would require that internal Lync clients are still able to resolve the external web services FQDN correct and then connect to the service by hairpinning out of the network and back into the reverse proxy.

As previously mentioned the outlined process is more for testing or demonstration purposes as it requires lowering the SIP security setting on the client to support unencrypted connections to the customer presence definition file.

In order to retain the default behavior in Lync but still utilize this feature then the custom XML file must be stored on a web server with HTTPS enabled.

To trigger the Lync client to import and use the custom state information two settings will need to be set within the local workstation’s registry.

The first is to allow a local file to be read and removed the HTTPS requirement while the second settings tell Lync where to find the presence configuration file.

I am using the Lync 2013 client for a while now and noticed that the Presence does not update based on Calendar infomation.

Starting the Lync 2010 client gets the correct Calendar Presence right away without any problems.Office Communicator has supported the customization of up to 4 additional presence states for some times, and there are many articles all over the Internet on this topic.But I have not yet seen one specifically for Lync, so here is a brief overview.The original basic configuration was intended for one-off usage or testing, while the newer more secure method is considered best practice for production deployments.This article has been updated yet again (October 2012) to include the new registry path that the Lync 2013 client uses as now it is part of the Office 2013 suite.The final step is to configure the client policy parameter in Lync server so that all Lync clients will be provided the path to the centrally located presence configuration file.