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Among the hundreds of photos of them at the beach, in Times Square, at Disney World and in front of various Christmas trees was the occasional shot of one or the other of them naked as a jaybird.(Whatever a naked jaybird is.) Of course, those photos stopped appearing once we got to the albums that documented their post-infant and -toddler years.

Still, I hate that loving, well-meaning parents have to think twice before taking bearskin-rug photos of their kids. Will parents be charged with paedophilia or child endangerment?

As a parent, its almost impossible not to have a picture of nude or semi-nude baby.

I wouldn't, and haven't, shared those pictures with anyone beyond immediate family. That said, I was appalled that they removed the craigslist adult services because of issues with prostitution, particularly minors.

Do you expect to have this credibility AFTER you posted their nude bathtup pictures (without informed consent) yourself? We have now defined pedophilia so loosely that merely processing these pictures can get you arrested in some corners of the US. The book still hasn't been published - last I heard, the photographer was still shopping for a publisher.

The images (many nudes, not just me and my son) have mostly never been posted on any web-sites.

My daughter and I had the family photo albums out the other day to look for images to include on her senior-year high-school yearbook page.

What fun we had looking at pictures of her and her brother that we hadn't seen in years!Gee, two obnoxious trends rolled into one: 1) Oversharing on social networks. My younger son was 14 months old at the time, and the pose I chose was of me nursing him. A year after the photo was taken, the photographer did a slideshow presentation of all the pictures for the book.Do you as a parent expect to have any credibility with your kids in a few years, when you're trying to keep them from posting nude photos of them at a frat party? One of the strongest audience reactions was ooh's and ah's of the mother-and-child image we'd created - it was exactly what I'd had in mind when I suggested the pose, and the photographer had made it even more beautiful than I could have hoped.This misguided urge to prevent any unseemingly contact between children and other children or adults because it might be "sexual" in perception is causing greater harm to us as a society and individuals than the actual abuse.This reminds me of a posting on a mommy-blog I saw recently.But I suppose it's more important to protect children against pedophiles and other dangers than to have immortal images of their bare butts. Just as crazy is this news release: A group of researchers at the University of Kentucky-Lexington, thinks that Bill Clinton’s famous assertion that he “did not have sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky may be the reason so many young people today don’t consider oral sex to count as doing the deed ...

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    The reality star, 26, took to Facebook for a blistering message to MTV and Viacom, alleging she was "sex shamed" as she vented on the social media platform.