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When there is incomplete information to compute an absolute time, default values similar to are usually chosen by a calendar, but this is a calendar-specific choice.If you provide inconsistent information, calendar-specific disambiguation is performed (which may involve ignoring one or more of the parameters). In a calendar, day, week, weekday, month, and year numbers are generally 1-based, but there may be calendar-specific exceptions. Some calendars represented by this API may have to map their basic unit concepts into year/month/week/day/… For example, a calendar composed of 4 quarters in a year instead of 12 months uses the month unit to represent quarters.

Second], from Date: NSDate()) components.month -= 1 let date In The Middle Of Period = NSCalendar.current Calendar()From Components(components)!To normalize to midnight, extract the year, month, and day components and create a new date from those components.*/ NSDate Components *components = [gregorian components:(NSYear Calendar Unit | NSMonth Calendar Unit | NSDay Calendar Unit) from Date: beginning Of Week]; beginning Of Week = [gregorian date From Components:components]; NSDate *start Date = ...; NSDate *end Date = ...; NSCalendar *gregorian =

You can choose the first day of the week to be something other than the default (Sunday).

The weekday value for Sunday in the Gregorian calendar is 1, so subtract 1 from the number of days to subtract from the date in question.

(If today is Sunday, subtract 0 days.) */ NSDate Components *components To Subtract = [[NSDate Components alloc] init]; [components To Subtract set Day: 0 - ([weekday Components weekday] - 1)]; NSDate *beginning Of Week = [gregorian date By Adding Components:components To Subtract to Date:today options:0]; /* Optional step: beginning Of Week now has the same hour, minute, and second as the original date (today).

The app I implemented this in has been tested fairly extensively on a number of devices; no crashes yet.. In your implementation, if the user is under 18, the interface will force them to lie about their birth date.

A much better idea would be to allow the user to select any date, but compute the difference in years to perform different operations depending upon the difference.

I replaced code with calendar Unit To Calculate = NSCalendar Unit.