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Frank Trovato said he attributes the differential to migration and the lower life expectancy of males.

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From city walking tours and sushi-making courses to weekend trips to New York City and skydiving adventures, Young said there's something for everyone.

"As you get past age 65, it really falls sharply in favour of women." Immigration could account for some of the imbalance, Trovato said, adding it becomes an even bigger factor when you consider migration at the local level.

"A lot depends on the occupational structure," he said, noting forestry and mining communities are likely to see skewed ratios as those occupations tend to attract more males.

While many activities tend to attract more women than men – a recent urban scavenger hunt saw women outnumber men three-to-one, while a tour of Toronto's distillery district saw a 17-7 ratio favouring females – Young said sporting or extreme activities will draw more men.

"Sadly, men usually come out to more alcohol-related events," she added.

"Women will come out to just about everything and women bring friends. they don't want the competition." The 42-year-old – who is dating a man 14 years her junior – suggests taking that route as another option.

While she didn't meet her man through work, Young notes clients often tell her they're very much attracted by the maturity and confidence of an older woman.

I don't know anyone here really but I am looking to meet some new people. I have lived in Halifax forever and have recently been reaching out to connect with new ... Just a fun guy looking for a fun gal to get out to days or nights in whenever we're comfortable to do I'm game!

Life's too short to sit on the sidelines watching it pass us by let's have adventure!

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What you are doing in pictures can affect how you're perceived. Spiritual lightworker seeking spiritual lightworker friend Hey, I'm a 32 year old straight male who has just moved to Dartmouth living with a few friends. Coffee Friends Hello, I am interested in getting to know new people to meet for coffee for conversation and friendship. Perhaps a good ear to vent to for a few hours at a time?

They may love the person who assaulted them, and not want them to get into trouble or to be mad at them.

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