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More surprising, more boys were likely to sell themselves than girls.

Other "guerrilla pimps" rape and beat the girls before putting them on the street..

It stresses that child prostitutes come from throughout the country, inner-cities, suburbs and small-towns, and from all walks-of-life.

But it notes, larger cities are more likely to have a higher proportion of boys involved in prostitution.

Pridham's Auction House This spectacular Tudor Style home was built in 1928 during the Art Deco Period.

Featuring 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 sunrooms, a magnificent oak paneled central hall and staircase, this Hudson mansion is one of the finest examples of Tudor Style architecture in the... Featuring Fik-Shun from "So You Think You Can Dance" teaching Hip Hop!

It notes that the average age most girls get involved in prostitution is at 14-years and the median age of involvement is 15.5-years.

However, it reports child prostitutes being picked up by police at only 11 or 12-years and even 9-years of age.

In this market-oriented economy, private individuals and business firms make most of the decisions, and the federal and state governments buy needed goods and services predominantly in the private marketplace.

The onrush of technology largely explains the gradual development of a "two-tier labor market" in which those at the bottom lack the education and the professional/technical skills of those at the top and, more and more, fail to get comparable pay raises, health insurance coverage, and other benefits.

The cop could have rescued her from the pimp, who ran a string of 13 girls and took every cent they earned.

If the cop had taken Jasmine to a shelter, she could have resumed her education and tried to put her life back in order.

"The first time I ran away from home, it was with this guy. And I decided I wanted to leave because I lost my virginity the day before that, so I thought, OK, let me just run the streets.

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