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Though some wanted to hear a collab, Em's extended verse is reminiscent of the diabolical bars he used to spit on D12 tracks, when he was at his most politically incorrect.

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The ensemble, based out of the Mormon university in Provo, Utah, released the video earlier this week, and it has already been viewed more than 330,850 times.On the night before Halloween, D12 returned with their first release in over 4 years, Devil's Night.The project included a few big features, including Royce da 5'9", Young Buck, and Kidd Kidd, but one guy who we suspected to make an appearance never showed up.Ever wondered where that scratchy voice saying "f-f-f-rrreeeesssshhh" on every second '80s rap record actually originated from?Or who originally sang the chorus of "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock? We've handpicked ten of the most recognisable and widely used vocal samples of all time, the ones you heard a million times before but never knew where they come from.Fresh and Slick Rick's "The Show" and Mantronix's "Needle to the Groove". Lyn Collins's "Think (About It)", perhaps most famously known for the catchy loop and vocal line re-used for the beat and chorus on Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two".

It has since appeared in tracks from artists such as De La Soul and Public Enemy to Dizzee Rascal and Janet Jackson. "Brothers and Sisters, I Don't Know What this World is Coming to!Not your obvious James Brown or Chuck D lines and shouts, but the ones that somehow feel like they always existed as a part of our urban sonic landscape, almost like the sound of trains and buses. "Aaaah, this stuff is really F-f-f-rrrreeessssssh""Change the Beat (Female Version)" by Fab 5 Freddy feat.We'll trace them back to the original recordings and hopefully shed some light on just how and why they earned their place in sampling history. Beside (1982) [Sample timing: ]The number one spot has to go to Fab 5 Freddy's "Change the Beat (Female Version)".Even now, 28 years after its original release, Fab 5 Freddy's 'Aaaah' is still the primary weapon of choice for DJs when they want to display their skills.Other notable appearances include the seminal "Lesson 2 (James Brown Mix)" by Double Dee & Steinski, Doug E. " / "It Takes Two to Make the Things Go Right""Think" by Lyn Collins (1972) [Sample timing: ]At number two we've got a break that has definitely stood the test of time.""I Don't Know What This World is Coming To" by The Soul Children (1972) [Sample timing: ]This shout-out by Reverend Jesse Jackson from the intro to The Soul Children's live recording out of the seminal Wattstax concert of 1972 was to become a Public Enemy calling-card in the late 80s. ""Opening/Can You Feel It" by The Jacksons (1981) [Sample timing: ]Another sample sourced from a live album, this time from The Jacksons' "Opening/Can You Feel It".

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