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That time, the creep spooked the nanny by delivering commentary as she changed a 1-year-old’s diaper.

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These seven colleges offer classes that are strikingly similar to those offered at Hogwarts, and best of all, muggles are allowed to enroll.The music, being emitted by the internet-enabled nanny cam, stopped when the baby’s parents went into the room to investigate. KTTC didn’t detail how the Foscam camera was protected but older models are protected only by a default password. A few hours later, the parents accessed the device and found that it had turned away from the wall. The wireless cam was possessed – by the spirit of whoever hijacked the IP device to spy on a baby.If only the plants at Conn had the whole “magical properties” thing going on for them, too… It also reminds us of the Hogwarts History of Magic course, which requires students to memorize important names, dates and historical events.Princeton University is known for its excellent program in history; it was named the best in the country by U. We’re betting Princeton students and Hogwarts students have the same vindictive feelings towards flashcards.Regardless of what camera model you buy or how it’s set up when you buy it, it’s imperative that you protect it with a strong password.

To make one that’s strong and hard to guess, watch our short, straight-talking video.Hogwarts’ complex course called Arithmancy teaches students how to use numbers in order to predict the future.Students in the well-known, popular economics program at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities may not exactly predict the future, but they do learn how to use numbers in order to identify patterns in the economy, allowing them to predict certain outcomes. The University of Michigan has gained attention in the past for offering classes about witchcraft, including a recent offering called Witchcraft and Spiritual Insecurity in Africa.Some IP cameras have no password protection at all.In February, another cyber intruder took over the Foscam baby cam of a family in Texas after having broken through the security of the family’s password-protected Wi-Fi and then accessing the camera, which was not, unfortunately, protected by more than the default password.Connecticut College offers an entire major in Botany that teaches students how to care for plants.

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