My son is dating a black girl

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My son is dating a black girl

But the next day, a guest called me to tell me about my teenage nephew’s views on dating. Apparently, my nephew, Richard, declared that there was not a single attractive black girl at his college with hundreds of black girls.His schoolmate then added that the only girls Richard finds attractive have long blonde hair and blue eyes. In that case, I was not shocked that Richard did not find any black girls “attractive” because I too have never met a black girl with natural long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Show your son the love and respect he deserves, not hate.

Understand that I'm not suggesting you disobey your parents by any means.

You're only 15, and while you sound like a responsible girl with a good head on your shoulders, Mami y Papi still call the shots... Ask your parents if they wouldn't mind sitting down to talk.

Be open and honest and remind them of how you all felt when your corazon was broken because closed-minded parents couldn't see past the color of your own skin.

Tell them that you will respect their decision, but hope they choose to support you.

Whatever they decide, good luck and keep me posted.

Finding someone who will love you despite your physical \"flaws,\" idiosyncrasies and emotional wounds is hard enough without imposing limitations based on arbitrary race categories!I don’t want to get my weave wet” (insert Shanaynay voice).As if it couldn't get any worse, when a question came up about a man’s ethnic background, because the dark-skinned and balding man could arguably pass for either African or South-Asian, Richard retorted that the man was “black as sh**.”The guest’s retelling of Richard’s Thanksgiving behavior created a terrifying image of my handsome, brilliant and talented nephew, whom I deeply love.That same evening, Richard laughed heartily as he told the joke that black women died on the Titanic because they refused to get on emergency rafts.He claimed that they were screaming, “I’m not getting on.We're talking about a movie here, not a marriage proposal.

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