My girlfriend is dating other guys

20-Oct-2017 12:38 by 2 Comments

My girlfriend is dating other guys - brian vriends dating

If her work schedule has suddenly “forced” her to work at odd hours and even demands weekend “business” trips, then be careful.She’s hiding something big from you, and that something big is very likely a man.

We have had problems off and on since then, but nothing that I thought was a "deal breaker". If everything in your relationship reminds the same, then the motivation for her to improve her look definitely comes out of your relationship i.e. If you used to go out on date frequently before but now you only see each other once in a while, be alert. In all probability, she may be texting other guys because the bathroom’s the only place she can do so without arising your suspicion. She’s lost weight, puts more makeup than usual, comes home late and seems happier than usual.Or at the very least, that professional help is needed to try and work things out. You’ve been going out with her for some time now, and for the life of you, you cannot shake the feeling that she maybe is dating other guys. Some may think that when you go out on dates with someone, you automatically stop dating others, but it’s not always the case. But if she doesn’t give any rational explanation and seems quite at ease with this situation, chances are she's dating other guys.

Of course it may be possible that her work or a problem in her life is keeping her preoccupied.

My significant and I have been having problems for about 6 months.

It started when she changed her relationship status on facebook to "it’s complicated".

I got on my knees and asked this person to marry me, and she accepted prior to this.

She never changed her status, and would change it to "single" if she was mad at me.

I don’t know if I will be able to anyways, knowing she is lying to me. Our best advice is to spend some time thinking about what you truly want. Doing so, will almost certainly destroypwhatever trust is left in your relationship.