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On the first edition, it didn’t take too long to get up towards the ace mark, and racing anywhere lower than 90 per cent would often result in a walkover.This time around, it can prove impossible to keep pace with the lead bunch from as low as 60 per cent.

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The Forza Motorsport 7 demo will feature assists that will allow players to dial in the difficulty the way they see fit; and for PC players there will performance options including benchmark mode to adjust the experience to each player’s PC performance capabilities.There are a number of glitches to fix, although the promise has been that these will be ironed out.Unfortunately, that wasn’t done soon enough, so if you restart races are suffering significant damage, your car will reload with the effects still visible, even if you lose a wheel in the accident – a bizarre sight when you see a Lotus 25 running around the old Monza layout without any tyres.Race driver Mark Porter died today after he suffered massive injuries in a crash at Mount Panorama on Friday while preparing for the Bathurst 1000.Porter died at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney today after suffering serious head and chest injuries in a 180kph crash with David Clark during a second tier V8 race at the Bathurst 1000 meeting.We race our cars to push ourselves to learn from the toughest challenges.

Competing on every kind of road, no matter what the challenge, inspires us to build "ever-better" cars. We'll keep competing to bring the freedom, adventure and joy of driving to everyone.

The pit stop strategy is also a mess, with users required to pre-set stops before the race starts.

That means you’ll have to pick one strategy with a certain compound of tyre and level of fuel without knowing what weather or damage may come your way – a complete nightmare for races.

The Gold Coast based New Zealander leaves behind his wife Adrienne and one-year-old son Flynn. His parents had flown in from New Zealand and were at his bedside.

Porter's family issued a statement tonight announcing his death "with untold sadness''.

From casual gamers to seasoned vets, the commercial invites racers of all stripes to experience the pure fun of the biggest Forza Motorsport game to date. Watch the video to find out: The official demo for Forza Motorsport 7 is coming for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

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