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Eventually Amy’s brutish lout leaves in a huff to shack up with his live-webcam-only girlfriend.

And instead of the middle-of-the-road milquetoast played by Kunis, I might rather have followed the life story of the boisterous, filthy-mouthed Carla, the latest in a venerated Hollywood lineup of slutty best friends. Kunis gives a smart, appealing performance as the put-upon Amy, even if her distinctive physical attributes—smooth olive complexion, long silken tresses, hazel eyes the size and shape of an animated doe’s—don’t really suit her to the role of the sexless, self-neglecting schlemiel she’s asked to be in the movie’s first half.At least Amy’s makeover montage, when her two gal pals exhort her to ransack her closet and hit the clubs, is believable in its brevity and effectiveness: After all, she looked plenty hot before they got started.Or pastel-clad housewives, or skanky single-mom sexpots.Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) exists somewhere in the center of this isosceles triangle of possible momdoms.The movie has its girl power–affirming heart in approximately the right place, and it boasts at least one outsized comic performance—Kathryn Hahn, too often a utility player in other people’s movies, gets a chance to take up more screen time than usual, and makes the most of every minute.

But the dad minds behind don’t seem to understand, or be terribly curious about, the minds of mothers; they’re happy to affirm the apparently bedrock truth that all moms are deep down indefatigable tigresses, neurotically overinvested in maximizing both their children’s self-actualization and their Ivy League prospects.Eventually she’s joined by fellow PTA walkouts Carla (Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell), and together the three get so trashed they wind up vandalizing the local grocery store in a cereal-scarfing, cardboard standee–defacing rampage scored to Icona Pop’s “I Love It.” The rebellion that ensues, led by these three suddenly tough-acting, slow-motion-walking denizens of Bad Mom Nation, serves as a kind of reverse allegory of feminism, an expression of the narrowest possible meaning of that term.Amy, Kiki, and Carla want to wrest away the apparently emperorlike power of the PTA presidency from the bullying Gwendolyn, thereby inspiring all judged-feeling moms to overthrow their judgey oppressors.A mother in Houston, Texas woke up one morning to pretty much every parent's worst-case scenario."I happened to get a text from a friend of mine that said she saw a picture on Facebook and she thought it was a picture of our daughters' room," Jennifer, who asked to keep her last name private, told ABC subchannel .Ivie said she immediately reached out on Facebook to mothers' groups in the area and the post started to share rapidly.