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From reel couple to real couple -- it's very normal. I've heard of ' Michael' but haven't really seen his pictures before. [quote name='sporkandfoon' post='5709018' date='Dec 27 2008 4 59 PM']By the looks of it I think they'd end up dating for real! Or, since they have been together for 3 years, he can switch jobs.

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QE is so busy these days, that's the problem if she wants to settle down this anytime soon..yeah, Michael and her just should get married lol... Michael is so cute x Dwhen her mom called him, hahaha..he's trying to be the best son-in-law for her mom, that's why he doesn't want to disappoint her (and was afraid of her, lol)great news to read. yay for another new endorsement gosh I haven't seen the face of Qiao En's boyfriend yet.. yahoomail: [email protected] maybe u can just post pictures here in the forum By the looks of it I think they'd end up dating for real! ^QE has never clarified on Michael's job so it could all be a media spectulation on his job.I don't think it's fair to assume him as unsupportive when it's just what he does isn't told to us like what Ming Dao does is told.He's neither invisible either since we have been getting photos of him and QE together every now and then.Recently, the filial Ming Dao was photographed accompanying his mother to sell sweet potatoes at a m... On the other hand, her actual boyfriend Michael, who she has been dating for 4 years, hasn't visited her in Beijing for a month and a half, and the 2 can't even spend Christmas together as Qiao En has work.As Joe reportedly asked for an exorbitant filming fee, she was being downgraded as a guest star in the sequel.

Joe and Ming Dao reportedly had fallen out over the payout.Angered by the rumors, Joe wrote in her Weibo, “What have I done wrong?I have been seriously working hard, dilgently acted in my drama and treated everyone politely.Where do I have to hide to prevent bullet from hitting me? He often acts as romantic and rich prince, but it turns out that he suffered from poverty when he was young.It'll be a behind the scenes thing between QE and him.