Mike puru is dating

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Mike puru is dating - sessilee lopez dating

He occasionally worked in regular high school theatre productions.

From 2015 until 2016 he hosted seasons one and two of New Zealand's The Bachelor TV show on Three.

In 2016 Puru continued as host for the second season of The Bachelor, but was not selected as the host for the third season.

He is the current host of Three's morning show The Cafe.

"This year there's probably not so many (girls) from Invercargill, but there is actually a girl from Te Awamutu," he said."Last year's bachelorettes have been tweeting about the house, saying 'I'm jealous, they've got a pool' so it's definitely different."Season one of the reality series received criticism online for casting it's bachelorettes "too young" unlike the US version of the reality series which almost always ends with an exotic destination marriage proposal.

Mauger, who's several years older than his predecessor Green, has reassured the public he's definitely ready to "settle down"."I guess he is a bit older, yeah, but there's a real mix of girls this season.

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This year, 32-year-old director's assistant Jordan Mauger will be the man in charge of the single-stemmed red roses, appointed with the task of sifting out 'the one' among a sea of local bachelorettes, some more compatible than others.From 1995 until 2015, Puru was one of the Radio DJs for the New Zealand radio station The Edge.In October 2012, he became one of the inaugural TV presenters on New Zealand's first, but short-lived Yesshop home shopping channel.I'd definitely want to meet Art if I were Jordan, go knock on his door.Honestly I don't know what (the bachelor) is going to be like (until we start) but I can say I've made two buddies out of this show," he said.Puru then began working as one of the current hosts along with Mel Homer on The Cafe which is also broadcast on Three.

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