Meet sex friends with no credit card

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The father explained: 'I want him to use the doll instead of catching random diseases from outside by accident.'When I gave him sex education, I taught him the importance of staying safe when it comes to sex.' Li and his son currently live with seven dolls.

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Li recalled: 'We were stunned by how beautiful the dolls were.

The same year, Li bought his first doll to deal with loneliness because his son was at school all the time. In an interview with Pear Video, the man said: 'Sometimes when I drive, I'd put her on the passenger's seat.

I would feel like I have got a companion.'His son would snuggle up to the dolls on the back seat.

My girlfriend did not have income for two years, and I used the card to cover expenses beyond my paycheck.

I can use Pay Pal to get cash out of the card and into my bank account, so what I have been doing is waiting until the bill is due (a new billing cycle) and taking out that amount with Pay Pal, then using the cash to pay it off, plus adding in my own money to try and reduce the balance a little.

They are the combinations of the best features taken from various women.

I'm simply appreciating their beauty.'Although these dolls are sold as sex toys, the man insisted that he does not consider them pleasure devices; instead he treats them as family members.

Unfortunately, each of them cost more than 70,000 yuan (£8,185) and we couldn't afford one at the time.'The man added that his girlfriend, who was in her early 20s then, had been interested in the figures because she wanted to dress them up.

The couple broke up in 2014, but Li continued his passion for the dolls. He cleaned her daily, brought her new dresses and took her on outings.

Somehow I have managed to rack up a rolling balance of ,000 on this card and I can’t ever pay it all off in one go.

I had a bankruptcy a few years ago and cannot qualify for a loan to cover the full amount.

However, he encourages his only son, who is 18 years old, to use dolls 'to satisfy his biological needs'.