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Today I was sitting on the wall outside my building smoking and messing around on my phone.

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The banging could have been it jumping onto the garage roof, and now it was snuffling around outside the leaves, searching for some food.He’s hunched over facing me in the classic zombie pose wearing a large coat, a surgical mask and gloves.I didn’t know how long he’d been standing there, but it was day time and the area is relatively populated so despite being the only people on the street, I wasn’t too worried.I ask him if that meant he had one, to which he responds with another double thumbs up.I assume that was him saying he did so I turn back to my phone planning on taking one more drag before getting up to leave.These are the Reddit Let’s Not Meet stories that will totally make you fear life.

From POTUSKNOPE: I have a lot of weird encounters outside my office on my smoke breaks, but I think this one takes the cake, even with how anticlimactic it was.

Reddit Let's Not Meet is a part of the Internet that should really come with a warning.

If one is not careful, they can fall down a rabbit hole full of chilling tales that will make any normal person paranoid of the outside world.

To be honest, I’ve never really had a fear of people, and I can’t say this is the first time I've had someone has done something like this, but the mask and gloves really added to the absurdity of the situation.

From https:// Not Meet/comments/5wjzb8/frequent_visitor/Furstenfeld: It's Friday night at around 8.45pm.

are all presented as true, real life experiences, often depicting creepy encounters with sinister individuals.

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