Matsumoto jun and inoue mao dating

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“They were seen on dates multiple times, but because Johnny’s Jimusho greatly opposed the relationship, the vast majority of women’s magazines were pressured to not report it.After that, talk of [Matsumoto’s] relationship with Inoue fell through.

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There is evidence that point to them dating, such as wearing the same boots, bracelets, rings, and rosary necklaces.

It will be a prize wedding after she bore criticism and handled such a large role" (Entertainment reporter) "When TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi got married to the former television employee, the circumstances dramatically changed.

It's because Johnny Kitagawa accepted Kokubun's marriage, and first declared "when you get to marriage age, you should get married." (Entertainment reporter) This is the story of the time I went to see a movie that Inoue starred in.

For Johnny’s they have the painful past of suffering a big embarrassment of Kimura Takuya and Kudou Shizuka‘s marriage being leaked.

leads Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao made so many people happy on this blog and even brought lurkers out of hiding.

“Furthermore, the executive vice-president of an apparel company who was invited to the Oguris’ home wrote on his blog “I was even introduced to Inoue Mao-chan and Matsu Jun.” That blog entry was deleted.

There were also complete reports of the couple’s relationship in weekly magazines, but those were replace by Arashi‘s gravure.” (A publisher’s associate) The Johnny’s side was nervous to that extent. “This year, Arashi will host the Kouhaku Uta Gassen.For more compelling evidence, visit the Love So Sweet forum."There is a plan to make Inoue's 29th birthday, January 9, into "X Day." This year in December, the drama that she is starring in that has the lowest ratings in history, NHK's taiga drama "Hana Moyu" will come to an end.In 2016, he is acting as a detective in Nichiyo Gekijo(Sunday TV drama).He appears many TV dramas, movies and variety shows. She started her career as an actress at the age of five.Shibasaki said that she loves a man like Matsumoto in a TV program. In “Bokurano Jidai(Our generation)”a TV program, Matsumoto said,”I am responsible as a father.