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I was already somewhat familiar with the story, but think there are a few places where a bit more information could be added to flesh things out. I do not watch peer reviews, so if you have questions or comments, please contact me on my talk page. Yes, I had been thinking a background/campaign section would be in order.I've found Cole's opinion as late as 1977, in the LA Times.

She is a large part of it, of course (by the way, I am a little skeptical about her story, personally. Nixon also visited Deshler in 1960, btw., he was very fond of these train tours (which he did in 1952 as well and possibly in other years).This is frequently visited technology page and an important subject.Recent work on the article includes improving organization, adding citations and pushing highly detailed material to other articles.Additional issue is the large photograph, which I am very proud of getting (it took a fair amount of detective work by me and a Nixon Library staff member) and which is big, but would be a shame to crop or reduce.Thanks, Wehwalt (talk) , 11 September 2010 (UTC) Ruhrfisch comments: This is a really interesting and well done article (which I am not surprised by, given the quality of your other work I have seen). If my comments are useful, please consider peer reviewing an article, especially one at Wikipedia: Peer review/backlog.Why did no one ever interview the classmate who laughed at the sign? The reason Deshler was such a popular place to visit was because of the intersection of train lines. I will probably not run this article at FAC until around November 1, as I am planning to go back to the Nixon Library in October and want to see if they have more clippings on this whole thing.--Wehwalt (talk) , 13 September 2010 (UTC) If you keep only the current images, I would make the train station the lead image, as that is the most relevant of the Deshler images (IMO).

I think a sentence or two on Cole's subsequent history would be useful - perhaps something like "After the inauguration, Cole was interviewed at least six time for her opinion on Nixon between 19.

Three of the bodies were found inside of the house, and one was found outside.

Public safety officials said they believe all parties knew each other, calling it a "a tragic incident of family violence." The preliminary investigation pointed to blunt force trauma as the cause of death for all victims, according to Village Soup KNOX.

Although she was invited to work on Nixon's reelection campaign in 1972, she was not invited to his second inaugural." It seems like people did not question her story then, so they did not ask her alibi witness(es).

If she was going to lie, I suppose she could have just said she wrote her own sign all along. Ruhrfisch This peer review discussion has been closed.

I'd like to know what needs to be done to get this article to a B rating.

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