Married herpes dating

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Married herpes dating

You say your son has done some research, well then let them handle it. Don't be too judgemental, Jesus wouldn't like that. My 50 year old aunt has this, has been married for 16 years, and to my knowledge has not transferred it to her husband, even having two children by him.

One thing I wanted to clarify was that my statement about the girl being promiscuous in her past was only mentioned because of non verbalized concerns of their relationship in lieu of this being my son's first relationship and being pretty young, maturity level, etc...

All it takes is one partner one time, and that one time doesn't have to be "complete". Your son does not have to rely on condoms - only when the illness is active and it may never be again!

I, too, think that they should be counseled by their pastor(s) as they move forward in this "serious" relationship. Herpes is quite a prevalent STD amongst the youth of today so it seems it is no longer an unusual event.

There is always the possibility of getting the disease it is not a fool proof drug. I know a married couple living with this, and they don't take medicine and haven't had an outbreak in a few years now.

It sounds to me like a miserable existence, which is why I asked such personal questions of them; but they're okay.

This is is first serious relationship and they are both Christians.

He is very serious about a girl (she's 1 1/2 years older) and believes she is "the one".I know when Christ forgives, He removes all of our sins; although there is sometimes baggage with it, nothing that can't be helped!! Again, you all are great and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to respond. And she takes very good care to try from giving it to anyone else.She lets the person know before she even thinks about getting "in bed" with them.I would like to hear from anyone who has been married with this problem or any other advice. This problem at the moment is not concerning him too much, he believes she's healed & even if not, she is God's will. The thought of life with a condom for that long sure wouldn't appeal to me...the possibility of getting it is very possible. Mamasource: Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to the above concern.The help I received and peace of mind was so wonderful.There are meds that she can take to prevent an outbreak and protect her spouse. Just 1 partner can give it to you as what happened to me. I know many people who live with it and they are ok.

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