Mariska hargitay christopher meloni dating

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Mariska hargitay christopher meloni dating

Perhaps he can show up with a series-finale-of-, and didn’t retire, and he was so despondent that he left his wife and children and went and lived in a Shame Cabin and thought about all of his rage beatings.

They worked side by side for more than 12 intimate years on an elite squad of detectives, solving sexually based crimes in Manhattan while leaving their sexual tension delightfully unresolved — until Stabler pulled a ruthless Charlize Theron. Benson is now a lieutenant, and she continues to hunt New York City’s most abominable perverts, with Fin (Ice-T) as her no. It’s still a “ripped-from-the-headlines” show; the first episode of the new season is about mass murder, and the second one was inspired by . Yet a mystery she has never solved is why Stabler vanished from her life after leaving without saying goodbye at the end of the 12th season. Sometimes actors want to leave popular beloved television shows, even when they get to banter with the lovely Mariska Hargitay for a paycheck. Twelve years is a long time to do one thing, especially when that one thing is starring on pulpy trauma porn, no matter how wildly entertaining it is.They were bad at their jobs, but Stabler and Benson kept from sinking into nothing more than a dead-girl-of-the-week soap.There are acceptable ways to sunset main characters when actors want out.Good character exits can wrap up story arcs and improve shows, even when the characters were beloved.When George Clooney bounced on way to do an abrupt character exit, which I will not speak of here because, while it was not bad television, it was very personally emotionally damaging and I would like an apology from Josh Charles.) Post-Stabler, retooled into this kind of ensemble, and it’s still that uncomfortable mix of cheaply lurid and absorbing.The sudden retirement of the long-running show’s male lead didn’t get its own episode; the writers had to shoehorn an explanation into the 13th-season premiere about why Stabler vanished, settling on a vague “he retired” from Captain Cragen and a brief shot of Benson crying.

This solution, to mostly pretend that Stabler never existed, didn’t only fuck up ’s future, it fucked up its past.

“None of the people in the room thought for a second, ‘How will the fans experience this?

’” Warren Leight, who took over as showrunner after Meloni left, told .

At one point they bickered over who would give the other a kidney first.

Having Stabler treat Benson like a mediocre Tinder date warped everything we knew about his character.

Stabler’s main personality traits were uncontrollable rage and loyalty.